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Stephane Humbert Lucas 

Khôl de Bahreïn 50ml


“The Art of Seduction”

Khôl de Bahreïn is a glamourous fragrance that refers to the Khôl, an ancient cosmetic eye used by the Egyptian pharaos and queens and still worn by women in Middle East.


Violet - Nougat - Gums

Iris Powder - Sandalwood - Mixture of benzene Amber

Musky Balsamic notes

Khôl de Bahreïn EDP 50ml

  • A fantastic sensation of makeup for this seductive perfume, with powdery notes of Violet and a splendid Iris from Florence.

    A tribute to the elegance underlined by the warm notes of Amber and unctuous Nougat.

    A subtle and intimate ambery fragrance, a gracious weapon of seduction.

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