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Âmes Sœurs or “soul mates” suggests both freshness and warmth, radiating sensuality. The bittersweet brightness of grapefruit joins with a smoky, almost animalic orange blossom to oscillate between the soothing known and what Nabokov called the unknown “twilight, and garden” of a beloved: The part that always stays out of reach. 

Top Notes: spicy tamarind with accents of shimmering grapefruit and cypress…

Heart: rose, ginger and blooming orange blossom

Drydown: lingering cedarwood paired with incense, amber, olibanum, vetiver and sweet musk…

Joya Âmes Sœurs Roll On Perfume

Нет на складе
  • Top Notes: tamarind, grapefruit and cypress
    Heart Notes: rose bulgar, ginger and orange blossom
    Dry Down Notes: cedarwood, incense, amber and sweet musk
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