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Thameen London

Rosina perfumery is delighted to welcome Thameen. The "deep blue" brand - created by Basel Binjabr and managed to bring in the famous Christopher Chong as creative director, after he first "stole" him from Amouage - will seduce you into the golden iridescence of the amber Amber Room. It will take you to distant Damascus, to smell the caramelized roses of Peregrina, and from there to Guatemala for the carved cardamoms of Carved Oud. It will open the heavy gates to the royal house of sapphire for you with just a few drops of Royal Sapphire. There you will watch the jesters work their lemon and bergamot magic while sipping a heady Campari from the Fanfare bottle. You will see the Queen of the Forest, adorning her long neck with green pearls dipped in the scent of Green Pearl and as soon as you close your eyes, the Queen will take off her crown and rest it on the lavender sprigs and beads of olive, to be taken through a Diadem. In her sleep, the yard peacock will color her dreams with a few drops of Peacock Throne and then visit the corals of her youth to seal them in a Cora bottle. Her emblem will now become a noble sandalwood, dipped in the Insignia ace whiskey. While she sleeps, she will surrender her scepters to the scented Scepter and borrow the crown of the whole world for a while, through the patchouli leather of the Imperial Crown. Her blinded eyes will be blinded by the glare of the Cullinan Diamond, but the verdant Emerald will again give peace to her slumber until the moment when rosy rubies begin to escape from Ruby's bottle, to be drunk in its sparkling juice Sparkling Opal and remember those carefree days at Riviere, with the gypsies strengthening their fires by throwing into the red flames thousands of bottles of Bohemian Infusion: It was then, that the regent pierced her skin with a Regent Leather and said to her: "Heavenly Patiala," I am your hope! ". This man made her soul cheer with a giant Hope, which she closed forever in her heart, a great Blue Heart... by V.P.

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