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Maison VIOLET Parfums Paris


Parfum 75 ml


COMPLIMENT is a bouquet of white flowers. It is a hymn to sharing and to praising others as well as oneself. A powerful scent of euphoria.


In 1939, VIOLET, located then on rue du faubourg saint honoré, brought out COMPLIMENTS. 82 years later, its successor dropped the "s" to become COMPLIMENT: The one that really counts.


"Whether it is in silence or in the hustle and bustle of a conversation, after an absence or in the midst of a routine: compliment yourself.


Whether in the reflection of a mirror or after a personal reflection, in the individuality of a crowd or isolated from everything: compliment yourself.

Whether it is for you or for others, expected or sudden, offered or received, there's only one thing to say: compliment yourselves.

Because a compliment is a priceless gift, a piece of lightness snatched from the divine to redden the cheekbones and soften the lips.

And out of these stolen words comes a fragrance. An intoxicating olfactory force that is born when two worlds meet: COMPLIMENT and you. »



Just like when you receive or gift yourself a sincere compliment, we wanted a fragrance that would convey this sparkling euphoria. To achieve this, master perfumer Nathalie Lorson opted for a fresh and sparkling start composed of explosive raw materials such as palmarosa, eucalyptus and violet leaf.


The heart and base of the fragrance are structured around a truly radiant sunshine of white flowers. From tuberose to ylang ylang, via sambac jasmine and jasmine grandiflorum, this sunny star radiates an inebriating purity. Orange blossom, iris, benzoin, vanilla, linseed and hay extract are skillfully blended in.


Top notes 
Orange blossom, Palmarosa, Freesia 
Heart notes 
Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Tuberose 
Base notes 
Benzoin, Vanilla

Compliment 75ml parfum

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