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GAO Parfum 50ml


Dark, deep and powerful, Gao is a scent based on a masterful blend of saffron and oud.

Opening with a rare blend of Spanish and Iranian saffron, the nose is led to an earthy accord of nagarmotha, juniper berries and resinous gurjun balsam that calms and centres the mind.

Oriental in spirit, a traditional base of patchouli, amber and white oud sourced from Laos feels suitably authentic.

Gao perfume, a prestigious collection is created from pure oud distillation and is dedicated entirely to traditional Arab perfume making.


GAO Parfum 50ml

Нет на складе
    • A Blend Of Spanish And Iranian Saffron
    • Nagarmotha, Juniper Berries, Gurjum Balsam
    • Amber, A Blend Of Buaya Oud From Laos, Indonesian Patchouli
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