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Ibiza addiction EDP100ml


Olfactory family: Floral Fruity Musk

T : Grapefruit Curacao Blackcurrant
C : Rose Peony Watermelon
F : Raspberry Sandalwood Musk

Ibiza addiction


    IBIZA ADDICTION is a concentrate of carelessness
    The combination of grapefruit, curacao and blackcurrant gives off a summery, festive scent. The flowers associated with a note of watermelon quickly provide a feeling of well-being, and the trail of sandalwood and musk generates an addiction.


    Time has faded, the moon has scorched. On my skin, the bite of the sun. The island is floral, its atmosphere is fruity and its rhythm intoxicating… Here, youth is eternal. While I was in Ibiza, I composed a moment of carelessness.


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