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Une Nuit Nomade

Jardins de Misfah  EDP 25ml • 50ml • 100ml


Date • Rose Absolute • Rose Essence • Saffron  •  Almond 


In the village of Misfah Al Abreyeen, the Thousand and One Nights are at your fingertips. In the midst of flowery alleyways and the joyful laughter of water flowing from terrace to terrace, one cannot then forget the words of Amin Maalouf. 'A bite of date not only contains flesh that nourishes your body, but the sweetness, scent and color that nourish your spirit.'

‘Jardins de Misfah’ is an olfactory pause, a moment suspended in time, a harmony of scents where the fresh whisper of flower petals fuses with an accord of creamy dates, honey and sweet water.



Jardins de Misfah

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