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Perris Monte Carlo Jasmin de Pays EDP 50ml


Head: Jasmine Absolute
Heart: Clove, Tagete
Base: Musk

Jasmin de Pays EDP 50ml

Нет на складе
  • “In Grasse, from dawn to nightfall, the scent of jasmine writes its own story: first tender and green, then warm like orange blossom, and, finally, deep, almost animal-like, as it wilts. Guided by Jean-Claude, we follow its tracks, walking narrow trails where the generous plants offer themselves up to summer. By the end of the day, only one idea remains. Jasmine is forever.” [travel notes]

    When Jean-Claude Ellena remembers his childhood, this is how he sees himself: with a jasmine flower between his finger and thumb.  As translucent as porcelain, the flower marked a beginning, the very first sign of his vocation. At harvest time, every hour of the day brought a variation in the perfume that dominated the air. “Nature”, says Jean-Claude today, “was teaching me that perfume may be composed and broken down, and its effects may change. But ultimately it remains unique and eternal.” This is Jasmin de Pays: a fragrance of remembrance and act of devotion to Provence, the perfumed land.


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