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Xerjoff K Collection

LUNA Parfum 50ml


The most mysterious and captivating subject of all, the moon, inspires Luna.

With tempting rose, citrus mandarin and warming spices throughout, this serene scent is a truly enchanting representation of the celestial world.

Warm Russian leather, cedar wood and jasmine dance across the skin with a comforting chime.

Kemi is a collection of perfumes created from natural raw elements using innovative distillation techniques.

LUNA Parfum 50ml

Нет на складе
    • Lemon, Bergamot Reggio Calabria , Mandarin , Patchouli From Singapore
    • Cedar From Atlas , Indian Jasmine Sambac, Bulgarian Rose , Italian Tuscan Orris , Violet
    • Amber , Musk, Caramel
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