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Perris Monte Carlo Musk Extreme EDP 100ml


Head: Aldehydic, Fresh Rose
Heart: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Iris, Spices
Base: Musk, Dry woods, Animalic accord, Vanilla


Musk Extreme EDP 100ml

  • “In the paintings of Ladakh, at the foot of the Himalayas, stories of the gods are interwoven with tales of fantastical demons. One in particular recounts how Shiva, Lord of Tears, created a perfume with incredible powers of seduction …” [travel notes]

    “Mrgamada”, the “love secretion of the antelope”, is no longer used in modern perfumery, which has thankfully abandoned ingredients of animal origin. Painstakingly recreated in the lab, its legend of great seduction lives on, making it one of the most popular notes in perfumery’s more “provocative” formulas. Musk accompanied the hippy dream of total freedom throughout 1967’s Summer of Love in San Francisco.

    In a more sophisticated yet equally warm and sensual guise, it now returns in our Musk Extrême. Enriched with Bergamot, Vanilla and floral notes, the fragrance leaves behind an unmistakable mark. Due to its unique virtues, a degree of discretion is required when deciding when to wear it.


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