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The Majestic Amber EDP 100 ML


Majestic Amber is one of the majestic fragrances in the Art Deco Collection from the Alexandre J family. The art deco collection launched in 2020 - to celebrate 100 years of the predominant decorative style of visual arts, architecture, and design of the 1920s. Alexandre J reprises his signature style with stunning designs, the finest raw materials, and bright colors. Art deco collection is an olfactive journey of fun, fashion, and the spirit of roaring twenties.

Majestic Amber is a woody floral fragrance present in a beautifully designed golden amber flacon. Each Art Deco Collection has a concept or story behind it. Majestic Amber is an admiration of The Art Deco era when the great perfume houses launched their first soliflores. Soliflore is the concept of a fragrance replicating the scent of a single flower. All other notes present in the creation complement the main note. Majestic Amber is not just a fragrance it’s the creator’s vision, an interpretation of the scent of roses. This elegant French feminine fragrance will take you on an olfactive journey of recreating the simplicity of soliflore roses.

The primary Package of the Art Deco collection is enticing and exceptional because of its spectacular designs and bright colors. Majestic Amber present in dark metallic gold falcon to show the elegancy of feminine notes. The openwork mesh is a nod to the veil often worn by women as a sign of respectability and high status in ancient days. The cap with curved lines is reminiscent of the big-bellied furniture to celebrate traditional art deco patterns. The geometric pattern counterbalances the artistic decoration of arabesques. Secondary Packaging is comprised of a golden elegant silk box with a gold-plated accessory.

The Majestic Amber pays homage to the soliflore creations with a radiant and feminine rose. Its petals, like yellow fruits caressed by the sun, give it its beautiful golden amber color, like the flamboyant decor of yesteryear.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Peach

Top notes of majestic amber comprised of grapefruit and peach. Peach adds a rich-velvety touch and gives this fragrance a rose velvety tone.

Heart notes: Rose, Davana, Tonka bean

The roses started blooming in the heart of this elegant rose soliflore. Davan and Tonka bean notes present in the heart notes are perfectly complementing the main rose note and make majestic amber unique and special.

Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Ambroxan, Patchouli, Toffee

Amber present in the base notes gives a unique blend of warmth and sensuality. Other major notes patchouli, toffee,ambroxan, and vanilla give a fresh woody tone to this amazing floral fragrance.

The Majestic Amber EDP 100 ML

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