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Bortnikoff, Triad

Extrait de Parfum (25 – 30%) 50ml



Top notes: Tincture of Wild Oud from Sri Lanka
Heart notes: Magnolia, Rose de Mai, Indonesian Bouya, Organic Oud from China (Hay-nan)
Base notes: Oud from Thailand, Tonka Beans, Benzoin from Sumatra, Hyraceum


  • Those who adore the scent of Oud and long to experience its mysterious aroma in all its glory can scarcely afford to miss out on experiencing the exquisite artistry of Triad. Utilising his own unique tincture of wild oud from Sri Lanka, perfumer Dmitry Bortnikoff has created a fragrance which will delight and exhilarate long standing lovers of oud and new admirers alike.

    Triad is a powerful yet refined creation which combines the extraordinary with the familiar. This is a spectacular scent whose skilful composition means that it can be enjoyed by the most experienced connoisseurs and also by those who have never experienced how amazing a real oud based scent can be.

    The exclusive tincture of wild Sri Lankan oud opens the composition and is underpinned by delicate floral accords of magnolia and rose de mai in the heart of the perfume. Indonesian bouya and organic Chinese oud also make their mysterious presence felt in the core of Triad. At the base, oud from Thailand merges with creamy tonka bean, sweet and sensual benzoin and complex, animalic hyraceum.

    Whilst using several carefully selected varieties of oud, this perfume offers much more than a simple homage to that magnificently mystical wood. The exquisite floral tones and alluringly sweet and seductive base notes provide a remarkably versatile, if undeniably unique aura which must be experienced and enjoyed throughout many wearings to be truly appreciated.

    The perfume is a highly concentrated and long lasting Extrait de Parfum.

    Allow yourself to enjoy the intensity of perfume as a true art form with Triad from Bortnikoff.

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